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Filing An Appeal In Kentucky

Appeals are a cornerstone of our legal system and anyone has the right to file one. The wisdom of the appeals process is that appellate court gives people a place to turn if they feel that the results in their case were unfair or unreasonable. Perhaps there were irregularities in the legal process, or the opposing side used evidence they should not have.

As an appeals lawyer in Covington, I have a growing reputation as a lawyer who can handle appeals cases. There is a specific skill set for appeals that not every attorney has. To be successful, this work requires skill in both research and persuasive writing.

The State's Highest Court

The Kentucky Supreme Court is the last resort or the final interpreter of state law. A 2016 study showed that it took only about 10 percent of the 728 appeals of decisions filed last year. The attorney gets 15 pages to encourage the court to take the case and hand down a decision. The court further cuts the number down by only accepting oral arguments for about 40 cases. To be successful, the attorney must know the subject matter and be able to keep up with the panel of our state's top judges. So far, I have had the honor of presenting two cases in front of the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Common Reasons To Appeal

As I said, judges at the highest levels are often looking for interesting or important cases. However, an appeals attorney can also argue the case in the Kentucky Court of Appeals if one of the following is an issue:

Illegal search and seizure: Sometimes law enforcement crosses the line and rights are violated.

Wrongful conviction: Innocent people can still be convicted of a crime.

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