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Providing A Knowledgeable DUI Defense

Everyone makes mistakes. Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after you have had too much to drink is a common one for many drivers here in Kentucky as well as across the United States. The first inclination for many who are pulled over is to admit guilt or say something incriminating. Rather than helping their cause of putting themselves in a better light with law enforcement, this has the opposite effect of providing incriminating evidence that makes the case open and shut. It is important to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty.

You may have had only a few drinks, and think you can even pass the test, but smart move is not only to be polite but also to exercise your right to remain silent until consulting an attorney with experience with DUI, DWI or OVI defense. If you call my firm day or night, I will return the phone call within hours if I can't be immediately reached. I have represented dozens of drivers in the courts here in Covington and the surrounding community. I understand that each case is unique and will sit down and listen to the details of the charges and conduct my line of enquiry.

Policing The Police

Law enforcement has to follow a variety of rules and protocols when they pull a driver over and administer a field test. Sometimes they make mistakes or try to cut corners. I will examine crucial factors to determine if your rights are properly protected. These include:

  • Probable cause: Did law enforcement have a clear indication that you were violating the law before he or she pulled you over?
  • Proper test protocols: Each sobriety test has its own steps to follow. If the test wasn't administered properly, the test results can be inaccurate.
  • Proper maintenance of equipment: Was the Breathalyzer or other testing device properly maintained by the law enforcement official? If not, then the results may be inaccurate.

Your Future Is At Stake

Individuals charged with a DUI, DWI or OVI face a variety of penalties, some of the more severe include loss of license, the expense of installing an ignition interlock system on your vehicle and drug and alcohol awareness classes. As with other criminal matters, repeat offenders face substantially higher penalties. As a seasoned criminal law lawyer who not only goes to court often in Covington but also the appellate and state Supreme Court, I can be a tremendous asset in fighting your charges.

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