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Knowledgeable White Collar Crimes Defense

White collar crime is no longer just business people or government officials diverting funds at work for personal and financial gain. The digital age has brought in a new era of fraudulent computer-based crimes that include Internet scams, identity theft, credit card fraud and theft of intellectual property. Some may consider white collar crimes less harmful or victimless crimes because no one is physically assaulted or injured, but state and federal government aggressively pursue prosecution for these crimes.

As a lawyer at Megerle Law, my extensive background in criminal defense includes a wide variety of cases, but I am seeing more and more white collar crimes here in Covington and throughout northern Kentucky. One thing that does not change is that I sit down with my client to openly and honestly discuss the details of their case. Depending on the charges in question, white collar crimes can involve a wide range of punishments either from the federal or the state level that include several years in jail and heavy fines. I can help you navigate these charges, utilizing my experience in this area for a best possible outcome.

Common White Collar Crimes

There is a wide variety of white collar crimes. Cases I typically handle include the following:

  • Corporate fraud: This causes significant financial loss and can damage the U.S. economy, often by deceiving investors, analysts and auditors.
  • Self-dealing or insider trading: This encompasses illegal stock trading outside regular hours and misuse of corporate property.
  • Fraud or misrepresentation of asset values: This includes intentionally misstating the worth of funds or investments.
  • Mortgage fraud: Intentionally omitting financial information to obtain a loan can lead to charges.
  • Tax evasion: No one likes to pay taxes, but providing false information on tax forms or illegally transferring assets to avoid taxation or other acts can amount to serious charges.
  • Computer-based crimes: This is the theft from or trafficking information about individuals, organizations or governments.

An Experienced Lawyer Can Make A Difference

Contact me if you or a loved one faces white collar crime charges. I have the knowledge and experience to go through your case and determine if the arrest is unwarranted. I can also determine a strategy that effectively serves my client in negotiations or in court. As a federal crime, sentencing for a white collar crime is extremely complex and involves the United States Sentencing Guidelines. I can help you understand this process. The sooner we discuss your case, the better the possibility for a positive outcome.

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