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Custody After Divorce

One of the first questions I hear when I sit down with a parent who is planning to file divorce usually involves child custody. Every parent wants to maintain their active and positive role in the raising of a family even if it did not work out with their spouse. While determining custody can cause a tremendous amount of stress, the fact is that Kentucky usually believes that joint custody is the desirable arrangement for families that are divorced.

I have been involved in family law issues since I first started practicing and have worked on dozens of child custody plans. It is my belief that the best interests of the children need to be considered first and that an arrangement should be workable for the entire family. It is less expensive and easier if this process is negotiated ahead of time instead of litigated before a judge, but my extensive background in court will be useful if the parents cannot come to an agreement.

What To Consider In A Custody Agreement

The court and parents often consider the following issues in determining child custody agreements:

  • The wishes of the children and their relationship with each of the parents
  • What the parents want and their abilities in caring for the children
  • The physical and mental health of the parents
  • What is least impactful on the children in regard to living arrangements and school

Fathers' Rights Are Now A Reality

The fathers' rights movement has made a huge impact in family law. Whereas past generations of divorced dads were expected to pay support while having little chance for visitation on a day-to-day basis, single dads now often pick kids up from practice, handle midweek dinner plans and are otherwise deeply engaged in the lives of their children.

Modifications And Other Issues

As an attorney skilled in child custody issues in Covington and the surrounding area, I can be a tremendous asset as family arrangements change. This can be because parents move, the children's needs change or there is an issue of child endangerment. I can help with these or any other child custody issues you and your family face.

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