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After working in Covington, Kentucky, for so many years, I have seen numerous couples make the difficult decision to divorce. When a long-term marriage is concerned, especially when one spouse has been a homemaker, the biggest worries after custody and visitation are child support and alimony, or as it is known in Kentucky, spousal maintenance.

While child custody and child support are often closely related, alimony, or maintenance, is quite different. Although family law in the state of Kentucky is generally quite adaptable, spousal maintenance is often difficult to secure. Judges tend to be conservative, and depending on the circumstances, a spouse may or may not be entitled to it. If you are concerned about spousal maintenance, call Steve Megerle at 859-982-2025. By securing the representation of an experienced trial lawyer, the odds may be in your favor.

High-Asset Divorces

Because of my experience in business and real estate law, I am very familiar with the needs and concerns of small-business and property owners. When it comes to high-asset divorce cases, not all attorneys are comfortable with handling the documents associated with these matters. I work with a network of appraisers, accountants, bankers, and other trained professionals to gather all the necessary documentation for your case.

High-asset divorces require a familiarity with income statements, business valuations, and commercial real estate portfolios. Many attorneys do not know how to understand these financial documents; however, I am not only familiar with them, but I am also trained to interpret them. I can examine these, and other detailed documents involving vacation homes, assessments and retirement income.

Property Division

Property which has been acquired during a marriage is considered to be marital property. If you or your spouse has received an inheritance, or hold assets which have not been commingled during the marriage, it is possible to trace the source of the property and claim non-marital interest. These issues, and others, will be discussed at your initial consultation. We will discuss your basic assets and liabilities and assess whether or not you will be able to keep your 401(k), pension or other retirement incomes.

Although you may not be able to retain all of your assets, it is possible to negotiate aggressively from the start in order to achieve a fair and reasonable schedule and division of assets. Contact me to discuss your options.

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